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Waist/Shoulder Bag


“Resilience is the exceptional ability to recover from wounds inflicted; be they emotional, physical, or spiritual.” 
~ Melanin Kris

Resilience is the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity and ultimately come out stronger. The strength in ‘resilience’ mainly comes forth from your believe system. We believe your narrative is what you design it to be. Ask yourself this: ’How do you bounce back after facing emotional, physical, or spiritual setbacks?’

The Resilience clothing collection inspires people to activate their inner-strength, so that they can recover from wounds inflicted.

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A spacious and strong bag where you can store light and heavy items. As the name suggests, the Waist/Shoulder Bag can be worn around your shoulder and around your hip by adjusting the length of the strap. The bag is big enough to store all your practical things, but subtle enough to still look fashionable.


This collection is all about style mixed with football culture. Basis11 opened a pop-up store introducing this brand new collection. Together with big names, such as Floor Wesseling from the Blood In Blood Out collection, Melanin Kris was invited to contribute to the pop-up store. This was done through a number of fresh garments that represent football culture and South East Amsterdam.


Extra informatie

Gewicht 500-600 g
Afmetingen 24 × 38 × 12 cm


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