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Cargo Pullover Hoodie



Melanin Kris is a self-proclaimed spoken and visual thought artist and a multidisciplinary storyteller from Rotterdam. He is convinced that people constantly help to shape the reality themselves and are the architects of their own future. He hopes to inspire them and make them aware of their contemporary superpowers. Under the heading of Melanin Futurism, Kris brings together the current dilemmas of colorful people with all the diverse subcultures and the way in which unspoken thoughts can be aesthetically represented in the twenty-first century. Such thoughts are expressed in fashion, magical realism, media art and philosophical reflections that traverse Western cosmologies.


Did you know that this hoodie collection was launched on November 30th, 2019 during The Poetic Exhibition |The Hoodie Expo | in the Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.


It’s all about style & substance
Pull-over utility hoodie by Melanin Kris (spokenthoughts) limited edition

An exhibition of ‘spoken thoughts’ art on clothing emerged from the synergy between style and substance by Melanin Kris.

If you need a change from the classic hoody, this is exactly what you’re looking for. The hoodie has a decorative chest pocket styled with a ‘spoken thoughts’ text written by Melanin Kris. The pockets are patched up with details such as a strong zipper and Velcro to close the pockets properly. This item also features a drawstring on the waistband and a hood with an inner collar. The wearer of this hoodie feels a little more visionary activated! The soft cotton blend makes wearing the hoodie very comfortable. This item is a special edition ‘one of a kind’ art-wear. Please note that this hoodie has a very limited availability!

Model Adut Akech draagt Balenciaga in 'The Earthwise Issue' van i-D, najaar 2018. Foto: Campbell Addy. Styling: Alastair McKimm

Model Adut Akech wears Balenciaga in ‘The Earthwise Issue’ of i-D, autumn 2018. Photo: Campbell Addy. Styling: Alastair McKimm

Melanin Kris has released a new poetry collection that reflects on racial justice, equality and modern superpowers.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1500 g
Afmetingen 35 × 30 × 12 cm

Architect The Future


S, M, L, XL, XXL


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