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Gais and Dalata are not just artists, they are art pieces themselves and it was truly a blessing to have them in residence at Heesterveld. The last few months were more than interesting, I have learnt a lot about Brazil, graffiti and about the differences between graffiti and mural art. Because of Gais and Dalata the Hartt apartment was filled with good vibes, the smell of spray paint and bossanova tunes.

This was a proper exchange and introduction into the world of mural art from the highest degree. This experience has taught me a lot about myself, I’ve become more open and more in touch with an abstract side of myself, which allows me to live more free. I’ve changed. Gais always said: ‘Art is good for opening the mind; Art is REVOLUTION’.

For the last two weeks Dalata worked on a mural art piece outside the Hartt apartment, it has become amazing! We are so happy with this refreshing work and I know that a lot of neighbours get a happy face when they look out of their window!

We thank R.U.A. for being a valuable addition to our creative community Heesterveld.

Kitchell Samuel, Assistant Local Coordinator Heesterveld