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About us

Melanin Kris, founder and in-house artist of Levisionairs, is a multidisciplinary storyteller also known as ‘the spoken and visual thoughts poet’.

Leading-edge visionairs also Levisionairs is a creative production studio located in the center of Rotterdam. Levisionairs consists of a team of multidisciplinary artists, designers, and passionate storytellers.

Our goal

A team dedicated to creating the best solution fitting their customer’s needs. We believe that everyone is a conscious co-creator of their own narrative.

Melanin Kris aspires to inspire people through stories and sharp ideas to look, think and behave differently than is prescribed.

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story content creation

Levisionairs specializes itself in highlighting a niche group, through positive content and ento-marketing, to support stories that are disproportionately highlighted.
Our core business is the creation of valuable story content.

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